Sakedokoro Makoto

General Information

Since opening in 1992,  Sakedokoro Makoto has been instrumental in introducing a true Japanese dining experience to the DC Metro area and has been recognized nationally as one of the best restaurants in America.  

Sakedokoro means "Place of Sake" and Makoto simply means, Harmony.  

We serve an Omakase (Chef's Way) style of Japanese dining which is not the same as Kaiseki.  The latter is the most formal form of dining in Japan dating back centuries. Kaiseki cuisine has strict rules and regulations as to what to eat, when and how.  Omakase on the other hand has been more of a "freestyle" of executing the cooking technique.  One philosophy both styles share is that food should be to fill the soul not the belly.

The concept and philosophy behind the Sakedokoro is that the food is created to enjoy with good Sake. We follow this philosophy as we create each dish.   

Even though we serve limited Sushi as part of our A La Carte Lunch Menu and Dinner Tasting Menu, we are Not a Sushi Bar.  We keep our selection of fish simple and fresh.   Our sister establishment upstairs, Kotobuki can provide you with a more diverse selection for your Sushi cravings.

We welcome you to experience Nihon Ryori (Japanese Cuisine) with Nihon Aji (Japanese taste).

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 6:30 - 8:00p

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12p - 2p (Lunch service)
               6:30p - 8:30p

Wednesday: 12p - 2p (Lunch service)
                    6:30p - 8:30p

Thursday: 12p - 2p (Lunch service)
                 6:30 - 8:30p

Friday: 12p - 2p (Lunch service)
            6:30p - 9:30p

Saturday: 5p - 9:30p 

Lunch reservations are not necessary but are strongly advised.  Dinner reservations are strongly recommended and we do require a credit card to hold your reservations.  We strongly recommend you make weekend dinner reservations at least two to four weeks in advance. You are more than welcomed to "Walk - In" but we cannot guarantee you seating and depending on what time you arrive, we may not be able to offer you our Omakase/Tasting Menu dinner.  You may cancel your reservation 24 hours prior and emergency cancellations will be taken in to consideration.  If you do not show up for your reservation, we will charge a $95 per person "no show" fee.  Prompt arrival is much appreciated.  Call 202-298-6866 to make your reservation.

House Rules:

Dress Code- We ask that you dress appropriately to enter our dining room.  Business Casual is what we are asking for.  Please, no athletic gear. 

Mobile Devices - Mobile/Cell phone ringers must be turned off.  Please do not make or take any phone calls once inside our dining room. The use of portable computing devices such as tablets and laptops are strictly prohibited.  

Please do consider the amount of perfume or cologne you wear as they can be intrusive to others dinning with you and can alter the taste of the food.


Gene Itoh
Makoto Restaurant
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